How to Be Content in Every Situation

It’s so easy in life to start looking at the negatives and start missing out on the blessings around us. Here are 3 tips for how to be content in every situation.

How to be content in every situation

Being content in every situation is very difficult. There are so many reasons in this life to feel less than, put down, angry, tired, worn out, unloved, or broken.

Over the years, I have really started to understand the power of our minds. I have noticed that the people I want to be around are the ones that seem to be content in every situation and who develop a healthy mindset.

There are so many quotes about this like, “You think and therefore you are,” or “Your attitude determines your altitude.”

It just shows us how truly powerful our minds are, and that is great news for us! We can start practicing today to help us live a life in which we are content in every situation!

How to be Content in Every Situation:

1. Start Focusing on Others:

When we shift our mindsets to others it helps us become less selfish and stop focusing on our issues. I have noticed that people with more time on their hands tend to make a bigger deal out of certain things that happen in their lives than people who just don’t have the time.

It also is important to stay connected and plugged into our friendships. Some great ways to focus on others are sending notes to friends, scheduling coffee dates, or talking on the phone. It’s so important to really try to listen to what is going on in their lives and to show them that you truly care.

2. Surround Yourself with Positive People:

We become like the 5 people who we are closest to. This is huge! It means that we need to really make sure we surround ourselves with positive people who impact our lives in a good way.

I know that some of us can’t choose our families or situations, but we can choose to limit those negative or harmful interactions.

The more you start focusing on being more content and positive in your life, the easier it will be to attract the same type of people to you. If you truly cannot think of anyone like that in your life, then pray that God provides you with some friends that will provide the positivity that you need.

3. Know Your Worth:

I truly believe that the reason why more people aren’t content with their lives isn’t because of their circumstances but because they don’t know their worth. It’s so easy to feel less than, unimportant, unloved, and sad if you are trying to find your worth in earthly things.

I have great news for you though! If you get your worth from God, then no one can ever take that away. He has chosen you and declares that you are worthy.

So the next time that someone excludes you from something, your boss yells at you, your kids take you for granted, or your husband ignores you, remember that you get your worth through God. He sent his own son to die for you, so that proves what He thinks of your worth.

I know there will be pain in your life, but look up during those times to the One who loves you unconditionally forever and ever.

Bonus Tip- Create a Gratitude Journal:

This is something I started awhile back, and I have grown to love it. Every evening before going to bed I write down 3-5 things from the day (or in general) that I am grateful for. It helps to really stay focused on the blessings in my life, and it reminds me that even in bad times there are reasons to be grateful and content.

Those were three tips on how to be content in every situation. I hope you start incorporating some of these things into your life today in order to live a content life no matter your circumstances.

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