Easy Ways to Use Lemon Essential Oil

Essential oils are great at being able to help support the body! Here are some quick and easy ways to use lemon essential oil!

3 Ways to Use Lemon Essential Oil Citrus oils are great oils to use to uplift your mood including lemon essential oil. I like to diffuse this oil or place a drop in my hands, cup them together in front of my nose, and deeply inhale. This simple tip gives you the same benefits as diffusing!

Another way to use lemon essential oil is to add it to your water.

It help to aid in digestion, and it helps to detoxify the body.

One tip I have for the morning is to add a drop or two in some warm water immediately when getting up on an empty stomach. It helps to get your body ready for the day! **If ingesting essential oils always make sure they are CPTG and speak with your healthcare provider.

Lemon essential oil is great at helping to support respiratory function. It is also great to have on hand for those seasonal shifts and changes that occur pretty often.

The last tip I have is that it is great to use in order to get labels and “stickiness” off of things. That is why if you ever get gum stuck in your hair lemon oil should be a big help!! Just simply add a drop or two in a bowl with dish soap, let it soak for awhile, and then it should come off pretty easily!

As you can see I love using lemon essential oil, and there are so many other ways to use it too! Learn about how to make your own roller bottles to use with you family too!

My Favorite 3 Essential Oils {I Use Everyday!}

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