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Are you looking to promote amazing products to promote to your network?

How it works:

When someone clicks on your referral link and purchases any of the products, you will receive 40% of that person’s purchase on each ebook you sell using your link. Sign up now to start earning!

How to Get Setup on SendOwl:

The easiest way to get setup is to join my affiliate program here. Once you have done that, you can follow the directions below:

  1. Head over to SendOwl and get logged in
  2. On the left hand sidebar, click “Programs.”
  3. Find and click, “Simply Reeni Affiliate Program.”
  4. Click where it says “Click to see affiliate links.”
  5. Under ‘Description Link’ is your affiliate link (use this when promoting the ebooks).

How to Promote the E-Books

The best way to promote these e-books to create engaging content on your blog posts, website, and social media platforms.

Here are a few ways you could promote it:

– Write an honest review of the e-book. Let your readers know why you loved the e-book, and what specific resources within the book really helped you!

– Send an email to your email list promoting the e-book. Give them details into why you loved the book, the support it provided you, and why you recommend it to others!

– Pin a pin on Pinterest using your boards and group boards!

– Add a mention about the e-book in blog posts with relevant content. You can add it to previous content that you have already created, or to new blog posts. Let people know this is a great resource to use in order to achieve the results they are looking for!

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If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me!



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