Top 25 Must-Have Essential Oil Recipes

25 must have essential oil recipes

Top 25 Must-Have Essential Oil Recipes

One of the number one questions I am asked on a daily basis are basic essential oil recipes! Not only are essential oils a great addition to any household, but they also help us to support our bodies naturally.

When I first started using essential oils I didn’t realize all the ways I could utilize them. I mostly just diffused them. While you get great benefits from diffusing essential oils, there are so many other ways to use them!

When my son was born was when I really started researching and learning all the different ways of using essential oils, and I am so glad I did!

Now I use them everyday for so many different purposes! Not only are they a great natural support for myself, but my son and husband love using them too!

After you read this e-book, you will know the most popular essential oil recipes including:

* 9 Diffuser Blends

* 6 Roller Blends + How to Use Them

* 4 Spray Bottle Blends + How to Use Them (including the most popular Sassy Slimming Wrap!)

* 6 Capsule Bombs

Plus 3 Bonus Essential Oils with Food Recipes!

If you have any questions after you read through it, then please feel free to contact me! I am an open book, and I love helping other families support their bodies naturally!

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