3 Simple Tips on Living Toxic-Free

It is amazing to me how many toxins and chemicals are out there. They are in things that I never would have thought about before. Since they are so prevalent, I wanted to share my 3 simple tips on living toxic-free!

3 simple tips on living toxic-free

Before I begin with my list I do want to remind you that nothing in life is ever perfect. It is truly impossible to not be exposed to any toxins throughout life. The goal is to minimize the toxic exposure to help create a healthy home for your family!

3 Simple Tips on Living Toxic-Free

1. Buy Organic

It makes sense that the food being put into our bodies and the bodies of our kids and babies should be as “clean” as it can be. The pesticides that are sprayed on food does way more harm than good.

I know that organic food is more expensive, so try to get creative. Shop at farmers markets where you know the farmers don’t use pesticides. You can also create your own garden at home for some of the vegetables that you eat most often.

2. Use Natural/Simple Ingredients

While there are more natural products that you can buy in stores, it is often easier to make some of your own natural solutions for you family. It’s always important to remember to use natural ingredients like coconut oil, arrowroot powder, bentonite clay, and vinegar.

It is amazing to me how many things can be made with just coconut oil! This is a staple in our home. Start small by using one or two natural products. Then get a few more to complete your natural solutions kit. The amazing thing is not too many natural ingredients are needed when creating natural products for your whole home!

3. Use Essential Oils

One of the most helpful resources that I have used in living a more natural lifestyle is essential oils! There are a variety of uses for each essential oil, and they are an added bonus when using natural products on your whole family.

Along with all the natural products you can create with these essential oils, you an also use them to support your families health. People use essential oils topically, internally, and by diffusing them. They are great healthy alternative to candles, fragrances, air fresheners, and perfumes/colognes.

One of my favorite ways to use essential oils is to create roller bottles for my whole family. They are quick and easy to use (especially on babies and when you are out and about).

Since this has been instrumental in me living a more natural lifestyle and creating a healthy home for my family, I wanted to write an essential oil roller bottle guide to help other families. It provides information on what essential oils are, how to use them, step by step instructions on creating roller bottles, and then 45 recipes you can use on your family! As an added bonus, I created 6 free printables to go along with the recipes!

Getting Started

Whenever you get started incorporating these tips on living toxic-free, remember to go slow. It can seem very overwhelming at first, but if you take it step-by-step, then before you know it you will be living a less toxic lifestyle that your family will thank you for!

Here is a great resource to use when looking at the toxins and chemicals in products:

Environmental Working Group

Skin Deep Database (Cosmetics Database)

These both provide so much information regarding the ingredients in our products!

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3 Simple Tips on Living Toxic Free

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  • EmilyApril 18, 2017 - 4:01 pm

    Great tips!! I will definitely be looking into your essential oils resources!ReplyCancel

  • Sarah AlthouseApril 19, 2017 - 12:46 pm

    I am just finishing up the rest of my toxic cleaners (but have bought organic “clean” brands to replace them) but otherwise..doing pretty well removing all the chemicals from my home!ReplyCancel


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