Top 15 Lavender Essential Oil Uses

Lavender essential oil has been used for over 2,500 years and is one of the most popular essential oils. Its popularity is due to its many beneficial uses! Here are the top 15 lavender essential oil uses!

Top 15 Lavender Essential Oil Uses


Top 15 Lavender Essential Oil Uses:

1. Nighttime Support-

There are so many great ways to use lavender essential oil at bedtime! You can add a drop on your pillow to help ease your mind and calm you down from the day. You can add about 30 drops into a 30 ml glass spray bottle filled with water and spray it on your family’s pillows before bed. Another way is you can start diffusing it about 30 minutes before bedtime to help promote a restful sleep!

2. Hair Support-

Lavender makes a great addition to any hair treatment, shampoo, or conditioner. It can help keep the scalp looking clean and healthy. You can add a couple of drops to the shampoo or conditioner that you are currently using.

3. Healthy Work Environment-

It is helpful to diffuse when trying to stay on task. Lavender subjectively improves work environments. You can diffuse lavender or dilute and use it topically on your wrists, the back of your neck, or your temples.

4. No More Pet Smells-

Add some lavender into baking soda and spread it on your carpet to help get rid of pet odors. Vacuum up after a bit, and enjoy the freshness!

5. Dish or Laundry Soap-

You can add in lavender essential oil to your liquid soaps for additional properties (aromatherapy and antibacterial) and a lovely scent!

6. Great Detox Bath Addition-

One of my favorite ways to use lavender essential oil is to add it to my epsom salt baths before bed. Take 1 cup epsom salt + 2-4 drops of lavender essential oil to help you relax and unwind from the day.

7. Freshen Your Mattress, Linen Closet, Air, or Car-

Use a light mist of Lavender combined with water in a glass spray bottle.

8. Infant Support-

When diluted and massaged on the abdomen of infants or when added to bath water, Lavender can promote calming and soothing feelings.

9. Women Monthly Support-

It can be particularly calming and support healthy moods during menstruation and menopause.

10. Skin Support-

Lavender has disinfecting properties. It’s great for the skin, and wonderful for relief from cuts and scrapes, especially if the cut or scrape is located wherever it’s difcult to keep covered. Lavender also reduces the appearance of skin imperfections.

11. Immune Support-

It may also help to support healthy immune function and response during times of seasonal threats.

12. Environment Threats-

Lavender can calm down unruly sinus issues, allergies and other respiratory issues. Just apply on the back of your neck, on your chest, or between your eyes.

13. Tension Support-

Lavender is widely used for its calming and relaxing qualities. This essential oil helps to ease feelings of tension.

14. Room Freshener-

In a small glass jar add baking soda and about 7-10 drops of lavender essential oil. Make sure to punch holes in the lid and shake often! This is great for bathrooms, laundry rooms, and other areas that need “freshened.”

15. Stress Support with Tea + Lavender

Add a drop of lavender essential oil into your tea at night for a peaceful sleep or during the day to help reduce anxious feelings.

If you’re interested in uses for other popular essential oils, check out these links for common uses of lemon and frankincense!

Here are some great research articles about the benefits of lavender essential oils!

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