Top 3 Essential Oils for Sleep

Essential oils are such powerful natural tools that we are able to have at our fingertips. One way that many people use them is to help support sleep. In this post, I will discuss the top 3 essential oils for sleep!

There are many ways to use essential oils for sleep, but the number one way to use them is through diffusing them in a diffuser. Many people are starting to get essential oil diffusers to put in their bedroom since there are so many great benefits associated with them.

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Another great way to use them is by creating a roller bottle with the specific oils you want to use. Then, all you have to do is roll them on the bottoms of your feet right before bed. Click here to see my favorite roller bottles!

Not only do you receive all the benefits associated with each of the essential oils used, but a lot of people have noted improved sleep.

I personally struggled with sleep before starting my journey using essential oils. There were some nights when I couldn’t get to sleep, some nights when I would wake up and not be able to get back to sleep, and some nights that I just kept waking up. I was amazed at how much my sleep improved when I started incorporating the right essential oils into my nighttime routine.

It’s so important to learn what specific essential oils to use to help support sleep!

top 3 essential oils for sleep

Top 3 Essential Oils for Sleep

1. Lavender

This is one of the best essential oils you can use for sleep by far. It is the one I recommend first to my clients since most people are familiar with Lavender essential oil and may have even tried it before. I am all about using easy and convenient essential oils to help support your health before trying a more detailed approach.

You can add this into your diffuser at night, add a couple drops to an epsom salt bath before bed, roll it on the bottoms of your feet, or dilute a drop in your hand and cup over your nose as you deeply inhale! All these ways help you to get the great benefits this essential oil has to offer!

Here are some of Lavender’s benefits:

  • Lavender is widely used for its calming and relaxing qualities.
  • This essential oil helps to ease feelings of tension.*
  • Add a few drops of Lavender to pillows, bedding, or the bottoms of feet to prepare for a restful night’s sleep.

Top 15 Lavender Essential Oil Uses

2. Roman Chamomile

Roman Chamomile is another top oil that I recommend for sleep. One of the reasons why I love it so much is that it is such a gentle essential oil (like lavender), so it can be used on babies and kids. Just make sure to dilute it properly if you use it topically on babies or kids.

My favorite way of applying any essential oil topically is by using roller bottles. Click here to get my Essential Oil Roller Bottle Guide to learn more about how to create them for your family, and to get 45 recipes to use!

Here are some of Roman Chamomile’s benefits:

  • Has a calming effect on the skin, mind, and body*
  • Soothes the systems of the body.*
  • Diffuse or apply to bottoms of feet at bedtime.
  • Helps to soothe anger and irritability.

3. Vetiver

Not many people have heard of Vetiver essential oil, but it is definitely one I use often. Not only does it have great benefits to help support a restful night’s sleep, but it is also a great essential oil to diffuse when studying! Click here for a favorite essential oil study time diffuser recipe.

It is great to put in a diffuser or add to a sleepy time roller bottle!

Here are some of Vetiver’s benefits:

  • Calming, grounding effect on emotions.
  • Is rich in sesquiterpenes, which gives it a grounding effect.
  • Helps to promote feelings of calm.

Bonus: Cedarwood

I couldn’t write about the top 3 essential oils for sleep without including this amazing oil! While the ones above are the top 3 essential oils for sleep I recommend to my clients, this essential oil is also a powerhouse when it comes to helping to support sleep.

I actually make a roller bottle for my son that includes Vetiver and Cedarwood! Most of the “woodsy” essential oils like Vetiver, Cedarwood, etc. are more grounding. That is just one reason why I love this oil!

Here are some of Cedarwood’s benefits:

  • Due to its soothing and calming properties, diffusing Cedarwood at the end of the day is a great way to unwind before bed.
  • Helps to relax and soothe the mind and the body.

These were the top 3 essential oils for sleep. They have so many wonderful qualities and the best part is that you are using natural solutions to help promote restful sleep instead of using chemicals.

Which one is your favorite to use?

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